Group Updates

A Fond Farewell to our beloved David Ashford

Sadly, we announce the loss of one of the first members of Collaborative Family Law of London & Middlesex, namely, David Ashford. David’s kindness and compassion made him an ideal collaborative family law lawyer. He was a great listener, and he never judged anyone negatively. David was a consummate professional and a gentleman. He will be sorely missed by members of the family law bar, and by our collaborative group, but he will always be remembered for treating opposing counsel and clients with the utmost respect.

Training Opportunity

Experiences Collaborative Lawyer, Diane McInnis will be offering collaborative law training for Legal, Financial, and Family Professionals in Kitchener, Ontario.

Training dates are: Thursday-Friday, Sep 10,11 and Wed-Fri Sep 23-25.

If you would like a refresher and like to take the training or if you know anyone who may be interested in taking this training please reach out to Ms. McInnis directly:


Phone:  519-954-LAW1 (5291)

OCAP Training

OCAP Training for May was sold out! A virtual 5 day training session coming soon, check back for details!

A Message from OCAP:

OACP’s first time ever On-line 5-week Collaborative Training Program commences in just 3 weeks, on Tuesday May 12, 2020…
Two 3-hour sessions will be run each Tuesday and Thursday mornings during a 5-week term.

Collaborative Process training offers our Members as well as interested Legal, Financial and Family Professionals across the Province the ability to add to their skills, mobilize their practices, and help Ontario families as we grapple with the uncertainties surrounding the closure of the Family Courts and indefinite physical distancing protocols

Registration is available by clicking on:

Please note that session enrolment is restricted to no more than 30 participants…

Due to the limited class size, if the demand warrants it, a 2ND COLLABORATIVE TRAINING SESSION IS BEING CONSIDERED.
Participants not able to be included in the May 12 training session will be waitlisted and a second training session commencing Tuesday May 26 may be offered. 

NOTE:  there is no guarantee at this time that a 2nd session will be offered, so we encourage everyone to sign up ASAP for the session starting May 12th

Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO) Conference – JUNE 2, 2020


Please be advised that the June 2, 2020 Conference will be virtual. For more details, please click the link below: